We are sorry to have to announce that the 2020 Development Competition will not take place.
Swim England have cancelled all their events until the beginning of September (that includes the British Championships and Swim England Summer Meet).
There is little chance of any club pool training restarting before the beginning of June at the earliest. That means that swimmers will be out of training and at more risk of injury if they try to push themselves too hard when out of condition.
We would not get a license anyway. Swim England are not going to approve any licenses until the beginning of September at the earliest.



Any of these meets that are NOT already listed on the clubs official meets calendar, are not supported by the club.

This means that it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to purchase a coach side pass and to be on poolside with the swimmer / swimmers throughout every event entered.
Please also be aware if a group of swimmers are entered, HWSC may be expected to provide officials.

No meets currently scheduled. Please watch our Twitter feed and Facebook page on our Contact Page