This page lists the Committee and Officer Roles within the club.  In essence, these are the people who keep the club running (mostly behind the scenes) and without whom much of the clubs activities including social events and galas simply couldn't happen.  The actual holders of each role are listed on the Contact page - please feel free to talk to any of them about issues or questions you have regarding the club and its running.

1. Chairman

Duties Include: 

*  As per the club constitution to be one of the signatories on the club’s bank account. 

*  Chairing club Committee Meetings and General Meetings. 

This requires a good grasp of running meetings. During these the Chairman needs to maintain good order and sensible, rational debate. 

The Chairman needs to have a good understanding of the quorum at meetings and the voting procedure. The Chairman will, if permitted in the Club’s Constitution, have an additional or casting vote when the number of votes cast for and against is tied. In this case it is essential that personal feelings are put aside and that the decision is made in the best interests of the club. A sensitive approach will be necessary with some committee members and certain agenda topics and there will be a need to ensure that all members are heard and that the meeting is not dominated by one or two individuals with strong personalities and loud voices. 

The Chairman ought to be aware of the A.S.A. guidance in relation to the Conduct of Meetings. 

*  Making day to day management decisions. He/She is an influential member of the club and can be consulted on issues and make decisions. 

*  Helping to ensure the correct and smooth running of all aspects of the club in accordance with its rules, constitution and by laws and also A.S.A. Law and the laws of the Land. 

* Representing the club at outside functions and in any proceedings in which the club is involved. *Maintaining a good working relationship with the pool provider(s). 

* Meeting with the Secretary and Treasurer as an Emergency Committee when there is no time to call and convene a meeting of the full club Committee.

2. Treasurer

Treasurer is to Bank, update accounts with statement details and enter all cash received and make sure all accounts balance.  Enter invoices and pay suppliers

3. Secretary

*  Respond to all enquiries from the website and forward to appropriate parties. Follow up if necessary. 

 *  Block book annual pool hire for Havant, Waterlooville & Mill Rythe *  Book Waterlooville for home events (Peter Bull, Chris Hunt, Club Champs & Spring Open) and confirm. 

 *  Provide draft agenda for monthly committee meetings and AGM and circulate for amendments/additions.  Circulate   final agenda to all committee members 

 *  Minute monthly committee meetings and AGM and provide draft minutes to all members.  Circulate final minutes to all committee members. 

*  Provide a focal point for the administration of club business.

4. Membership Secretary

* Keeping a record of the current membership and details of members 

*  Providing promotional letters to coaches and keeping a record of promotions and squad movements 

*  Annual renewal of membership in January 

*  New members swim trials once month is 1st Thurs at Havant. Explain to parents the new membership and paper work in conjunction with Treasurer at the moment. 

*  Produce registers for coaches to enable to keep up to date any membership movements. 

*  Communicate regularly with ASA secretary and Treasurer re any squad movements. 

*  Produce lists of various ages of children for competitions if someone can alert me to the rules for closing dates for various competitions with plenty of notice.

5. ASA Secretary

*  This role ensures all members are Insured correctly to the level of competition they are competing in. 

*  This role ensures the annual return is submitted within timescales and that we receive our insurance certificate and   display to ASA rules. *  Act as the first point of contact for all ASA members regarding any insurance queries.

6. Competition Secretary

Responsible for the organisation of the 2 open meets that the club hosts each year (Spring Open and Peter Bull).

This role includes the booking of pool, licensing, officials, helpers, advertising, programmes, official’s packs, collecting entries, sponsorship, and anything else that is required to ensure the smooth running of the open meets.

Also acts as promoter on the day of event.

7. Championship Secretary

Act as Competition Secretary for Club Champs.

Delegated Roles (i.e. not in the constitution, but can be committee roles or not as required):

1. Gala Secretary

Responsible for the organisation of all galas (this excludes open meets and club championships for which there are other roles). This role includes the booking of pool, officials, helpers, etc for home galas; and booking of coaches (the ones with wheels) for Away galas

This role should also chase the coach (the one with legs) to ensure that teams are organised in good time, and should liaise with visiting/host teams to ensure that they bring a judge and a timekeeper, as well as knowing where the teams need to be and when.

2. Social Secretary

To co-ordinate the club's social event calendar.

To source appropriate forthcoming events and make bookings.

To organize the annual Presentation Evening (Feb), Summer BBQ (September) & Christmas Party (Dec).

Other social events organized to have deemed appropriate after consultation with the committee.

To communicate social events to the club members.

To work closely with other committee members to ensure smooth organization of social events.

Co-ordinate the collection of raffle prizes, Ensure prizes are available for galas etc. when required.

Assist other members of committee when required.

3. Public Relations Secretary

This role is to promote communications with the Club and to ideally improve Club publicity and advertising to outside sources, such as local papers etc.

Main responsibility is to gather relevant information and produce the Club Newsletter on a regular basis for all members.

Other duties are:

Maintenance of Notice boards - Waterlooville - keep up to date and keep it tidy. Havant - Delegate.

Maintain good visual standard of notices/artwork.

Assist Social Secretary with publicity about social events.

Pass on information when possible to website manager.

Generally assist when required.

4. Swim 21 Secretary

Primarily, in 2009/10 to bring H&WSC to a point of being accredited to Swim 21. Ongoing will be an ongoing monthly check that all that should be in place i.e. third party liability, coaches qualifications etc are renewed/updated keeping the club "current" in its obligations to its members and Swim21 accreditation.

5. Child Welfare

The main purpose of the role is to assist with the safeguarding and protecting of the children and young people in aquatics, and to implement the ASA wave power policy and procedures. In doing so, the person undertaking the role of welfare officer should have an understanding of child protection, and how best practice and the use of the criminal record bureau (CRB) checks can help prevent child abuse.

Also to be the first point of contact for club staff, volunteers, swimmers and parents for any issues concerning child welfare, poor practice or potential/ alleged abuse.

To keep and maintain club photography policy, incident/ accident reports and to be completely confidential and discreet at all times due to the nature of the role.

6. Health & Safety

Your responsibility is to protect the health and safety of club members and others - such as visitors and members of the public - who may be affected by club activities.

In general:

Ensure the pool or place of activity is safe and eliminate or control risks[1] to health; Ensure that all equipment is safe and that safe systems of work are set and followed.

Ensure articles and substances hazardous to health[3] are moved, stored and used safely; Provide adequate welfare[4] facilities; Ensure that all coaches and helpers have the information, instruction, training and supervision[5] necessary for their health and safety. Consult[6] members m members and Horizon Leisure staff on any other area that might give cause for a health and safety concern.

The majority of the above are covered by the standard operating procedures of Horizon Leisure Centre and these must be complied with by the club. Therefore the overriding responsibility is to check that the club is compliant with the SOP’s of the venues that we hire

7. Trophies Manager ( non committee member)

To store unclaimed trophies.

Keep log book up to date of who won what on annual basis and ensures that they are present and correct at the relevant competitions.

Remind/collect/chase trophies ready for next annual championship.

Organise engraving and replacement of won trophies.

Organise presentation at Presentation evening.

Deal with any queries left outstanding.

Will also purchase medals and trophies as required for meets/galas. The peak load of this role is during club champs.

8. Records / Times Collector ( non committee member)

Gathers data from galas and open meets on our swimmers individual performances, and ensures that a list is provided to the head coach on a regular basis to ensure that teams can be selected in good time.

9. Officials / Helpers Organize

Does whatever is necessary to coax officials to any galas or open meets that we host or at which we need to provide officials (e.g. away galas).

Will also ensure that volunteer lists are on the board in good time and that people are suitably volunteered to roles.

10. Fixtures Secretary

Ensures that we have entered the leagues as directed by the head coach and that everything including relevant open meets, social events and galas are in the calendar and advertised.

11. Open Meets Secretary

Ensures that our entries to open meets are collected and sent. The head coach will guide on which meets we're supporting as a club.

12. Kit & Badges Secretary

Club Kit

Maintain stock levels.

Place orders when required.

Take in Swimmers orders and distribute sales within a week,

Pass funds received to Treasurer for banking and invoices for paying.

Take regular stock checks and balance back to physical stock.

Maintain spreadsheet reconciliation of above.

Source suppliers and investigate new kit requirements as they arise.

Award Badges

Maintain reasonable stock levels, ordering when needed.

Print certificates and distribute orders within the week.

Take regular stock checks and balance back to physical stock.

Funds are held and used to place order.

Maintain spreadsheet reconciliation of above.

13. Electronics Manager (non committee member)

Responsible for running ARES21 electronic timing.

Confirming equipment is booked for relevant meets.

Ensure that Horizon staff charge starter overnight before meet.

Take responsibility for setting up and manning equipment (not necessarily personally running the timing).

Make sure that any faults identified are reported to Horizon and that steps are taken to rectify faults.

Recruit and organise volunteer operators for timing equipment.

Inform Horizon staff of printer stationery requirements.

Responsible for managing Sports Systems meet software.

Communicate with various meet promoter’s to ensure that meet timelines are met ie: meet set up, entry processing, compliance with meet timings.

Keep software updated on all club laptops and ensure that other users are running the same version.

Recruit volunteer operators and organize training.

Take responsibility to delivering all reports required by promoter to ensure results and other reports are filed with ASA within required time limits.

Skills required to meet the above will be a reasonable understanding of PC/laptop operation and experience of using various software packages. The actual operation of the timing equipment is relatively basic and the meet management software has become more intuitive as it is being constantly updated. Ie: any volunteer doesn’t need to be an IT geek.

14. Web Site Manager

To update content and structure of the Club Website as required.

To keep up to date with new developments in web technology and introduce these to the Club Website when they are of benefit.

To ensure the Club Website placed highly in web search engines.