All swims must take place, or be converted to, short course times (25m Pool).

The awards are split into :

     - Sprint (25m, 50m and 100m)
     - Middle Distance (All 200m)
     - Distance (400m IM, 400m, 800m and 1500m Freestyle)

Times given to swimmers on poolside are NOT official and should not be used for the purpose of purchasing awards. Your claim for a reward will be verified and then you can buy the badges or flashes to sew onto your club polo shirt.
Required Times
The ASA has a set of competitive award standards and badges for swimmers to work towards regardless of age.

The required times for these awards are in the table below.

Awards and flashes can be pre-ordered for collection.
To have your order ready for collection, please complete a Blank Order Form
Leave your completed order in the club post box at Waterlooville Pool; alternatively email your completed form to
Payment is by cash only and required upon collection.
When & Where Do I Get the Badges & Flashes
Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum Awards Available

Badge, Certificate and Flash £3.50

Flashes £1.20     
How Does It All Work
The idea is to get the circular round badges for Sprint, Middle Distance and Distance in Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum and have each of the strokes under the badge.

The round badges are for display purposes and the strips are earned according to the time. You only need to get one sprint time e.g. If you get the time in 25m Free, then you get the badge and once you get it in 50m free you don’t get any further badges for the Sprint.

If you achieve a qualifying time at any organised event, you can make a claim for the appropriate badge. You just need to check the results on the notice board and note down the event date, stroke, distance and of course the time achieved.