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To enable events to run we need a host of volunteers to take up roles from manning the door to helping with the electronics as well as getting the children in the right order to race (this is called whipping- not a very apt term however a recognised one on the swimming world).  For those of you who are new, there will be more experienced parents to support you. If unsure please ask a committee member who will be able to help guide you to a suitable role.
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Chris Hunt Challenge 4pm - 7pm 3rd Jan 2015
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Roles - Descriptions
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Meet Manager and Entries


Timing Operator

Trainee Timing Operator

Results Recorder


The drinks volunteer helper is an easy role, no experience is required and there are usually two helpers to fulfil this role, ensuring that you have any support that you need. You would be responsible for making up jugs of squash, and offering officials, coaches and other poolside helpers a drink and jelly babies at regular intervals.

Competitions Marshall

A competitions marshall ( also known as whipping ) is responsible for organising the swimmers before their race, getting them into heat and lane order. This is a great opportunity to help with the club and get to know swimmers and other parents. You are given all information and support you need to fulfil this role.


The role of announcer requires someone who is confident to address the gala through the microphone sound system. Information that needs to be announced includes health and safety information, event, swimmer and club information, as well as announcing raffle winners. This information will all be provided to you.

Front of House Manager

Door Admissions

Raffle Sales

Poolside Gate Monitor

Officials Lunch Helper